(Review originally written at 6 March 2005)

Difference with other Ed Wood movies is that Eddy didn't took this project very serious. He puts in some jokes and some of the dialog even manages to be funny at times. A big accomplishment for the worst screen writer of movie history.

The acting was really laughable and the story makes absolutely no sense. "Necromania" mixes porn with horror and the end result actually is pretty fun to watch. Most certainly not Wood his worst. The music really is something that made me laugh. It sounds like it was directly taken from an old Wood movie from the 50's and was just plain odd to listen to, especially with the images with it.

It's a typical 70 porn movie meaning that it features lot's of hair and sideburns. Judging by all the other comments here, most people have seen the R-rated version, I've actually seen the X-rated version but seriously the X-rated version also isn't exactly something that will make you warm.

The movie is just more fun than anything to watch and absolutely most certainly not Wood's worst.


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