(Review originally written at 10 July 2004)

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is extremely average in many ways. The story is done about an hundred times before and the movie doesn't really come up with something interesting or unique.

(MINOR SPOILER)The movie began quite well but after J.T. Walsh got killed right in the beginning, the movie went downhill extremely fast and I lost my interest more and more.(END OF MINOR SPOILER)

But the absolute worst thing about the movie was the extremely simple almost amateur like editing. It didn't made the movie flow very well and it even made some of the scene's laughable while they were intended to be exciting. The scene at the ending with Kathryn Weller is a great example of a laughable scene thanks to the poor editing.

The story is filled with flaws but it is also due to the poor editing that the story seems flawed at times.(MINOR SPOILER)Like for example M. Emmet Walsh's death sequences. I didn't realized and/or saw he was death until Gene Hackman and Anne Archer got in the car alone.(END OF MINOR SPOILER)

No, you can better skip this movie. If you want to see a thriller then there are better movies out there to watch.


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