(Review originally written at 6 September 2006)

From start till finish this is a totally hilarious movie to watch. The movie is consistently funny and filled with some very well thought out and executed sequences.

Apparently lots was improvised during the making of this movie and this is notable in a couple of sequences. It makes the humor feel less forced and less predictable as might be the case in most other Laurel & Hardy movies and slapstick movies in particular. That probably is also the reason why persons who normally don't watch or like Laurel & Hardy movies are still highly amused by this excellent piece of work.

This is one of the most consistent Laurel & Hardy movies. The movie is a roller-coaster ride of non-stop hilarity, with some unforgettable and highly amusing sequences.

The premise of the movie is actually very simple. The boys have to deliver a piano to a house. Only problem is, the house is on top of a 131 steps long stair. What happens next of course is totally predictable and the piano of course falls down numerous times but every time it is done in a totally hilarious and original way. Most sequences really made me laugh out loud. But luckily the hilarity does not stop once the boys have finally reached the house. Inside the house they continue their silly antics and of course manage to break basically everything inside of the house.

One of the other things that makes this movie so great are the extras. Normally the bit parts aren't nearly as funny or relevant as the two boys but in this case every character works as a comical one and they uplift the movie to an even higher level of comedy-greatness.

This might not be the most 'perfect' Laurel & Hardy movie, also from its more technical point of view (editing, effects etc.) and yes, it is a simple movie but its hilarity totally compensates for this.

An essential, Oscar-winning, Laurel & Hardy viewing.


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