(Review originally written at 6 June 2004)

This murder mystery movie based on the Agatha Christie novel is good but nothing more as that.

The movie starts of quite slow and waste too much time on some needless character introduction. The movie finally starts to flow well after the murder occurred. But after that the movie is almost over again. Poirot does very little detective work in this movie and every character is interrogated only once.

But credit has to be given to the execution of the movie. The sets and costumes are great and the all star cast is impressive and of course the story itself is also interesting to say the least and contains quite some fun moments actually.

Albert Finney was impressive as 'the little funny man' Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. You could hardly recognize him and he played the part very well with a good accent. Other actors that impressed in this all star movie were Anthony Perkins and Ingrid Bergman in an award winning performance.

Good but too flawed to be regarded a classic.

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