(Review originally written at 30 April 2004)

"Mission: Impossible" is next to "Heat" known as the action movie with very few action in it.

The main reason why the movie got criticized was because of the complex story which no normal human seemed to understand. Well, let me say this, after watching it about 5 times you will understand it completely and you don't even understand anymore why you didn't got it the first time. But even without fully understanding the movie you can very much appreciate this movie, like also I did the first time I saw it.

The movie even is enjoyable for the Brian De Palma hater. His style is present (so there also is enough to enjoy for the De Palma fans, like myself) but not in such a way that it distracts in any way for the more casual viewer.

Venessa Redgrave and Tom Cruise really seemed to be enjoying themselves playing together in this movie. You can tell they had lots of fun in their scene's which for me makes those scene's really enjoyable to watch. But again there is also plenty to enjoy for the more casual viewer. The exciting CIA break in is already a classic and the spectacular ending on the TGV also doesn't disappoint.

The music from Danny Elfman is typically his style and suits the movie surprising well, he delivers one of this best works till date.

"Mission: Impossible" deserves more credit than it gets. Don't let the complex story scare you of.


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