(Review originally written at 13 July 2006)

Yet again the two boys get into some tight spots, which yet again also involves two girls who they of course try to impress and give a good time.

But what would a Laurel & Hardy picture be if everything would go right for the two boys. They get into trouble when they once more get into some budget problems and later on they get into an huge brawl on the water with a couple of other rowers.

The story is pretty weak, incoherent and simple even for a Laurel & Hardy short but those two main comical sequences I just mentioned earlier are the very reason why this movie works still extremely well as hilarious entertainment. The two sequences alone are reason enough to watch this movie.

Especially the end, set in the water in a small rowboat is a memorable and hilarious one.

Also the presence of Laurel & Hardy regulars Baldwin Cooke and especially James Finlayson make this movie an even more memorable- and hilarious one.

The movie is of course very outdated, even more than most other Laurel & Hardy comedy shorts. Some sequences don't even have sound recording which makes this movie extra old fashioned and hard to watch. However the most hardened black & white comedy short viewers will not be troubled by this.


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