(Review originally written at 8 January 2005)

I don't think "Men in Black III" will ever be made...and after seeing "Men in Black II" I can't say that I'm sad about that.

The first "Men in Black" already wasn't exactly a masterpiece but at least it had some fun moments and was original.

I think that the originality is the main problem with this movie. Once you have seen "Men in Black" this movie can only be disappointing since it adds nothing as a movie.

But a just as big problem is the story. It really is one of the weakest stories of 2002. The movie is very simply and quite frankly it doesn't always make sense especially the horrible ending which I hate with a passion.

However just like the first movie this one is also fun and has some good moments but unlike "Men in Black" it also has some very bad and unfunny moments. Wil Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are really the two highlights of the movie. The both are wonderful together once again. Also Michael Jackson shows up in a fun cameo and Tony Shalhoub reprises his role as Jeebs but it once again is Frank the Pug that steals the show.

Just as in the first movie the special effects and most of the make-up are just plain horrible. They look so fake, I don't know was it intentional? Either way I just can't like it.

Lara Flynn Boyle is terrible as the main villain, for once I can fully agree with Razzie Awards for giving her a nomination. Johnny Knoxville is a waste of talent, he actually has lot's of potential as a comedy actor but his talent is truly wasted in this movie and his character is even irritating at points. About Rosario Dawson I also can't say much positive...Her character was irritating me and there was no chemistry between her and Will Smith.

Believe me, there are some good moments in this movie and I laughed more than once it's just that there are so many things wrong with this movie and the movie leaves an overall pointless impression.


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