(Review originally written at 24 May 2006)

When you have a comedy with Bill Murray in the main lead, you just can't go wrong. His improvising style of humor always guarantees laughs, even when the movie itself is an heavily flawed and an even unfunny one.

"The Man Who Knew Too Little" is not really a bad movie, just a bit of a ridicules one. The story is way too simple and doesn't always flow well. It also is a totally unbelievable one that is filled with unlikely comical situations. Yes, sure its good for a couple of laughs but it also at the same time prevents the movie from being a remarkable, or truly hilarious one. So, really basic the only thing that prevents this movie from being a disaster is Bill Murray, who makes most of the moments in the movie look funnier than they truly are.

But the movie also has a solid supporting cast, with actors such as Peter Gallagher and Alfred Molina. Joanne Whalley is perhaps a bit obsolete and provides the movie with some lacking and awkward moments. Not her fault really, just blame it on the simple, lacking script.

The movie certainly does have its moments and at certain points also is a quite original one but it overall is lacking and therefor the movie is a quite unremarkable one. It's of course still a watchable one but by no means a truly fully recommendable one.

Just see this movie or don't, you wont feel any better or worse afterward.


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