(Review originally written at 21 July 2006)

This is not an every day movie. It shows that Kevin Bacon has imaginative and creative talent as a director. I certainly think that he should continue directing movies, despite the fact that this movie is far from a successful or great one.

I already thought that Kyra Sedgwick was a great underrated actress but I don't think I have ever seen a movie in which she played the main character. It was however no surprise to see that she pulled this of excellently. She manages to carry the entire movie almost on her own, even though her character is far from perfect.

Because you know that what the Sedgwick character does and wants is wrong and not always the best for her child's development and psychical state. So how could you feel for the main character and agree with the action she takes? The movie does try to explain this but not good enough to justify it- or satisfy me completely. therefor I also can't regard this movie is a good or successful one, even though its definitely well and professionally made.

Needless to say that the screenplay felt very flawed to me. When you already can't always feel or understand the main character, that is never a good sign for a movie. The sort of character and story could had worked and it has worked in previous movies but the story simply is not interesting or compelling enough to make it work.

The fact that the movie is told non-linear also doesn't make the movie any easier or better to watch. I liked the flashback sequences, especially with the Kevin Bacon and Marisa Tomei character because both go deliciously over-the-top in their roles but it also does make the movie an off-beat and not consistent enough one to watch. It tries to be more than it really is.

The movie is also really lacking in its editing at times, which is simply poor at moments. Also the musical score by Michael Bacon (yes, Kevin Bacon's brother) is way too simple. It's the sort of stuff you would expect to hear in an average TV-series episode.

The movie is filled with some cameos of famous and respected actors. It certainly does uplifts the movie but it's not quite good enough to completely save it as well.

An interesting but not completely successful attempt.


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