(Review originally written at 6 July 2006)

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This is Laurel & Hardy at their very best. A silly story and simple story that relies heavily on the comical timing of the actors. Its a Laurel & Hardy short that certainly does not disappoint.

The movie can yet again be divided into two separate parts. In the first part the boys meet up with a ship captain (Walter Long) who is looking for a crew. He has a hard time finding a crew, since the ship he owns is notorious among the sailors and is known to be haunted. The second part of the movie is set on the ship itself. It's the part in which the boys get into some hilarious trouble once more, this time with a ghost, who of course turns out to be not a real ghost at all.

Both parts are different in terms of the humor that is used. But both parts are hilarious in their very own way. The both parts may not really connect with each other, which doesn't make this the most consistent Laurel & Hardy shorts ever made but the silly and hilarious humor compensate for this, more than enough.

Another reason why this movie is better than the average Laurel & Hardy comical shorts is the presence of a couple of Laurel & Hardy regulars. Walter Long is great and bold as always. Arthur Housman does what he can do best, playing a drunk and Mea Busch is also present. Here presence might feel a bit out of place and perhaps even unnecessary but she just was a great comical actress, who also does provides some good laughs in this movie.

The movie does really has some great comical sequences in it, mainly when the two boys are being confronted by the 'ghost' and they start running and screaming, like a couple of 10-year old girls. It helps to make this comical short an highly amusing and memorable one.

Good first part and a good second, make a good movie overall.


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