(Review originally written at 30 January 2004)

The word brilliant doesn't even come close to describe this movie. It's beyond brilliant!

"Lawrence of Arabia" is a big epic movie about an even more epic person. The character of T.E. Lawrence is portrayed perfectly in the movie, not just by the actor Peter O'Toole but also by the director David Lean. Ignore the story, this movie is simply about T.E. Lawrence the at times complex and interesting character that really carries the movie even though the story itself is also more than fascinating.

The movie is full with wonderful scene's that never get boring even though the movie is almost 4 hours long. The best way to describe some of the scene's is that it feels like a poem. Some of the scene's will stay with you forever and you will most definitely never forget this movie as long as you live.

There are also some other wonderful characters besides T.E. Lawrence that are brought to live by great actors such as Sir Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn and Omar Sharif. All together they make this movie even more grand, interesting and great to watch. Add to this the magical Maurice Jarre musical score that is one of the bests ever and you even have a more brilliant picture!

There are also some big battle scene's that are beyond you imagination. This movie gives the word epic truly a new meaning!
This is perfection!


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