(Review originally written at 19 November 2005)

This movie has an absolutely magnificent imaginative story. The movie perfectly creates an unique post-apocalyptic world with some wonderful settings and strong characters. The movie is filled with some wonderful and certainly unique moments.

Really the best element of the movie is truly the story. I have to admit that in the beginning I wasn't exactly grabbed or fascinated by the movie its story, characters and settings. However as the movie progressed I got more and more drawn into the movie and its story and characters and the unique world the movie was set in. The second halve of the movie, when the real action begins and the story takes more form, is especially extremely good. There are some fine action- and tense moments in the movie and the ending is build up very well and is truly both spectacular and adventurous to watch. Kudos to Hayao Miyazaki!

There are some really good characters in this movie. Princes NausicaƤ is a strong heroic female lead and the movie features some good sidekicks, such as characters that provide comical moments, the wise man Yupa, who in several ways resembles Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings and of course the villains who are often so important in movies like this one. It are all very stereotypical characters who work very well for the movie its story. The characters are build up nicely and because of that they work really well for the movie.

The movie is an beautiful unique and wonderful experience to watch. It's spectacular, imaginative, powerful and beautiful all at the same time. It's truly something you have to experience for yourself! It's no surprise that I can whole-heartedly recommend this movie to everyone. You don't have to be into anime movies, to be able to appreciate and enjoy this movie. Be sure the watch the original Japanese, 116 minutes version of the movie though, for the most optimal movie experience.


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