(Review originally written at 14 October 2005)

The low rating here is understandable but it doesn't do the movie justice. It's understandable because of course compared to "Jaws" and in a way also "Jaws 2" this movie is totally ridiculous. However if you look at this movie as an individual movie instead as a part of the "Jaws" franchise, you'll have to admit that this movie is entertaining to watch.

This really is a B-monster movie with B-movie characters, awful dialog, silly special effects and laughable moments. Yes, fans of B-movies will truly be delighted by this movie. It really is a entertaining campy movie.

Still of course as a movie this is not a very good one. The story is just completely ridiculous and the dialog is laughable at times. The movie its beginning really isn't that bad but as the movie progresses the movie becomes more and more ridicules and unbelievable. Towards the ending the movie even manages to turn into one of those typical '70's s disaster flicks, despite the fact that this movie was released in '83. The shark himself also never looked worse. The silly looking '3-D' effects also don't do much good to the movie. Still none of this takes away the entertainment value of the movie. It's certainly fun to watch and it's obvious at times that the makers and cast also didn't took the movie itself very serious. It even at fist was originally going to be a spoof of the original.

Very bad as a part of the "Jaws" franchise, very entertaining as an individual (B)movie.


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