(Review originally written at 24 April 2005)

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The 4.7 rating on IMDb makes it look like this movie is dull, unfunny and just stupid. This is not the case, I can guarantee that you'll not be bored while watching this and that some scene's will make you laugh out loud.

Probably the best thing about "Jane Austen's Mafia!" is the visual atmosphere it knows to create. At times it really is the same as in "The Godfather" movies.

Unfortunately there are more misses than hits in this movie. Some of the jokes don't really work and problem is that the movie takes itself too serious at times with as a result that it at times takes awhile before something funny happens again. But as a fan of gangster movies you'll have to appreciate some of the jokes and most certainly the atmosphere of the movie. Perhaps to fully appreciate this movie you'll first at least have to watch "The Godfather" trilogy. The scene in which Lloyd Bridges character dies while he's having a melon in his mouth is absolutely brilliant and hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard during a movie in ages.

Also problem is that the story feels just like a lame excuse to spoof scene's from "The Godfather" movies. It feels very incoherent all and why they also decide to spoof "Forrest Gump" in this movie puzzles me to be honest. Pretty pointless and it seemed out of place.

Still there is a lot to enjoy in this movie, especially for those who are familiar with the classic gangster movies.


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