(Review originally written at 31 October 2004)

The movie has some fun characters and some nice moments. A really entertaining movie but also a forgettable one.

What makes "The Italian Job" a forgettable movie? Well, most likely it's the story which makes it forgettable, it's quite standard and not handled in the best way. With so many great and fun characters you would expect a better movie.

The action sequences are nicely done, you can tell F. Gary Gray is a real action director. The movie has a good fast start and ending and nicely done car chases involving Mini's. I have a friend who drives a mini-cooper which now makes him officially a cool guy in my book.

This movie shows that Seth Green is actually a good actor. Too bad that Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton were not the two best casting choices from the movie, an extra shame because they were the two main characters in the movie.

The movie has some nice musical moments by John Powell and a good pace and atmosphere but overall that can't help it that this movie is a forgettable one. I don't think it's a good idea that they are making "The Italian Job II" right now, a pointless sequel to a forgettable movie, even though I will probably still watch it when it arrives on DVD.

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