(Review originally written at 16 June 2004)

"Independence Day" is a good old fashioned science fiction spectacle with lot's of stuff blowing up and dying people.

This movie is pure entertainment. Don't watch this movie expecting a serious story with any logic in it. The movie filled with dumb dialogue, needless many characters and patriotism. But quite frankly who cares? The movie serves its purpose; to entertain.

The best thing about "Independence Day" is the action. Not only are the total destructions of cities such as New York and Washington and their monuments totally awesome but also the plane fights versus the aliens are very well made, mainly thanks to some good and convincing special effects for which the movie also received an Oscar.

But yes, the movie has too many weak spots to be ever regarded as a science fiction classic such as "The War of the Worlds" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still". One of my main complaints is there are too many characters, just like in disaster movies from the 70's. Problem with the characters is that the creators try to create a story around all of them with as a result needless plot lines and uninteresting situations.

The actors are below average. Even Jeff Goldblum isn't in his element and seemed to have been miss cast. Maybe the best actor in this movie is Will Smith in his big breakthrough
Mindless fun.


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