(Review originally written at 27 March 2005)

"The Incredibles" is fun, entertaining, visual splendid and it has some great action sequences.

The power of this movie is in its great timing and solid main characters. The voice cast consists, unlike many other animated movies out of actors that are not 'hot' at the moment. Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter are not exactly popular actors, that will draw lots of people to the theaters when you put their names on a poster. That's not why they were cast, they were just simply cast because they have great voices. I've always liked Holly Hunter's voice and accent and it was great to finally hear her in an animated movie. The rest of the cast mainly consists out of people that made their debut with this movie (Except for Samuel L. Jackson and Jason Lee of course.). Kudos to that, I'm sure they could had attached some big 'hot' names to this project but they went for quality and the best instead of for the most popular.

OK the story ain't exactly anything special but the main characters and fun feeling of the movie compensates for this. Also the action sequences know to impress. The action sequences feel like you're right in the middle of playing a computer game.

The movie is entertaining and fun, what more could you ask for?

Quite probably the most entertaining movie of 2004.


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