(Review originally written at 5 June 2004)

Along with "Jason and the Argonauts" (1963) this was one of the movies that had the biggest influence on the evolution of special effects.

"The Incredible Shrinking Man" for me is a movie in which the story for me plays no importance at all. I just watch this movie to enjoy the early and many special effects. Sure, most of them now days look almost ridiculous and outdated but I can appreciate and enjoy them. It's wonderful to watch the special effects as they are one of the earliest in movie history and set the trend for many future movies to come. But honestly, I also have to give credit for the story. From a movie like this you would expect that it heavily leans on the special effects alone but the creators actually spend lots of effort on the story and manages to put some extra layers, emotions and deeper meanings in it.

There are some truly classical scene's which involves the main character Scott Carey (played by Grant Williams) fighting against a cat and the final fight against a spider. It's a kind of like an early Shelob versus Sam fight from "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" and it's very similar in many ways.

The mother of future science fiction movies, a must see.

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