(Review originally written at 17 April 2005)

Once again the action is just wonderful (what else did you expect from a man like John Woo?) but the story itself is kind of lame and ridicules.

Some of the things just don't make any sense and even though it's just a few minutes short, the movie is still filled with plot holes. Not Woo's fault, he just does what he can do best; Film breathtaking action sequence's. Also the movie is edited pretty poorly at times, especially towards the ending.

The music by Steve Jablonsky also was one of the highlights of the movie. It was a good action score that suited the movie well. He is still an unknown composer but I expect this to change in the next few years. Remember this name people!

Still slightly a bit of a disappointing part of "The Hire" series of shorts but still very well watchable, thanks to the action.


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