(Review originally written at 28 November 2005)

"Home on the Range" is lacking almost in everything that made other Disney animated movies so charming, memorable and unique. Overall the movie also feels like it was made in a rush. The story is incredibly simple and uninteresting and has some totally uninteresting and lacking characters in it who don't exactly help to make the movie more vivid or interesting. Also the animations themselves look rushed and uses some totally pointless computer animations at times and the humor is predictable and mostly childish.

Truly the biggest problem I had with this movie were the characters. They all were so totally underdeveloped in their personality and their relations. There also are way too many characters in this movie. The movie is only 76 minutes long but yet it finds time to introduce countless character, even halve way through the movie when the movie is already heading toward its ending. Also the main 'villain' is introduced too late into the movie and also isn't much good of a character either. He us a totally uninteresting and forgettable villain that likes to yodel. There are some good characters in the movie (The Willie Brothers, Rico, Buck) but all those character are heavily underused in the movie. The movie had way more potential, if they had only spend more time on the story. It certainly is a waste of a good voice cast.

The humor is most of the time very childish and oh so predictable. Granted that there are some typical funny typical Disney moments which made me laugh out loud but unfortunately those moments were too few. Certainly not enough to save the movie anyway.

"Home on the Range" is nothing more than a childish and very forgettable movie, that lacks a good story and characters and only has a few laughs in it.


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