(Review originally written at 4 November 2005)

I wish I had discovered this movie earlier! I haven't laughed that much during a movie since a long time. The movie was extremely fun and entertaining. The humor is slapstick/cartoon like. It was like watching one of those old Hannah-Barbera cartoons. The comical sequences were constructed extremely well and the timing by director Blake Edwards was brilliant! I laughed and smiled my way through this movie.

The story and the situations in this movie are just crazy! It's typical Blake Edwards like and the humor in it can be compared to his early Pink Panther movies. There are some unforgettable comical moments and situations. The movie features a great stereotypical Western Saloon fight in which everyone fights everyone and it also features a great good old fashioned pie fight. 2 fine examples of some hilarious and memorable comical sequences. The movie is truly supported by the highly fun musical score by Henry Mancini.

The movie has an absolutely amazing cast. Tony Curtis is a perfect leading man and Jack Lemmon is highly entertaining as the stereotypical 'villain'. Lemmon plays a double-role in this movie, besides Professor Fate he also plays Prince Hapnik. I had never seen him playing a character(s) like this in a movie. It is extremely over-the-top of course but it's highly fun to watch and he seemed to had lots of fun playing in this movie. His dumb stereotypical henchman is played by Peter Falk, before he got fame for playing Lt. Columbo. Natalie Wood is also enjoyable in her role.

Only thing that too bad about this movie is that it's too long. The movie is like two and an halve hours long. It's not that the movie ever gets boring or tiresome after a while. It's just that some of the events in the movie feel stretched out and are perhaps a bit overdone. They could and should had reduced the movie to keep it more consistent.

If you like silly cartoon-like humor or are a fan of the Pink Panther movie's, than this is an absolute must see! As a matter fact, everyone should just simply watch this movie! It's highly entertaining and fun!


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