(Review originally written at 22 January 2005)

Of all the James Bond movies made the last couple of decades, this is without doubt the best. Every time a new director and screenwriters are attached to work on a Bond film, they should use this movie as a 'how-to'.

Everything in the movie is simply perfect. It has all the Bond ingredients, pretty girls, lot's of traveling, an unforgettable Bond song by Shirley Bassey, stereotype Bond villain, chases and some good old fashioned fist fights from the period when fist fights in a movie were still spectacular. Ah yes, I truly miss some good old fashioned fist fights in movies sometimes, without any fancy camera tricks or editing.

Sean Connery really is at his best and also probably at his funniest in this Bond movie. Gert Fröbe plays a classic and unforgettable villain and Harold Sakata his sidekick Oddjob, who is one of those villains that often appear in a Bond movie, who can't seem to feel any pain and are stronger than really possible. I love it! Honor Blackman plays the Bond girl with the unforgettable name Pussy Galore.

Everything works perfect in the movie, the action, comedy and pace flow all really well.

A real must see and after 40 years still not outdated.


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