(Review originally written at 22 May 2005)

I absolutely adore this movie. What a comeback for Bond, after the Timothy Dalton Bond's the franchise had been officially declared death by many and no one expected another Bond movie. This movie perfectly sets the mood for the future Bond movies for the 90's and this decade.

The action is what makes this movie in a way more of this time. In a way the Bond franchise matured and became a competitor at the box office's again. Still all the 'old' Bond elements are all present once more in this movie and it still stays loyal to the franchise so many grew up with watching.

The villains are the best ever in a Bond movie since "Goldfinger". Funny because this movie is also the in my opinion the best Bond movie since "Goldfinger". I think that tells something about how important the Bond villains always are for Bond movies. Sean Bean is a memorable and worthy nemesis for Bond and Alan Cumming is an excellent and fun 'villain'. But most memorable is Famke Janssen with literally the most deathliest hips to hit the screen. The movie really launched the career for those three actors, which is no coincidence I think...

Pierce Brosnan simply is Bond, from the moment you first see him. He's got the charms and humor, the two most important elements for the Bond character to me.

The movie introduces some nice new characters that would later return in other Bond movies. Judi Dench plays the new M, Joe Don Baker plays the fun character Jack Wade and Robbie Coltrane plays the highly enjoyable 'villain' Valentin Zukovsky. Izabella Scorupco isn't exactly the most memorable Bond girl or actress but still she is likable in this movie.

I now it is criticized a lot but I really like Eric Serra's musical score. I wouldn't had mind him scoring more Bond movie.

The pace is action-movie like high and features some extremely good action sequence's. From the spectacular opening to the just as spectacular ending, this movie provides non-stop entertainment, action and a great story that never gets complex but still is compelling and exciting.

A typical fun, entertaining, action packed Martin Campbell movie.


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