(Review originally written at 4 March 2005)

Has there ever been such a movie with such a brilliant cast? Sure there have been movies before with lots of famous actors in them like "A Bridge Too Far" or "Mars Attacks!". Diverence is that in "Glengarry Glen Ross" all of the actors share most of their screen time together in the same scene's, the result is a true treat for us the viewers. Just imaging a scene in which Al Pacino, Ed Harris and Jack Lemmon are all outclassing each other constantly with every line they speak.

But who deserves most credit for this masterpiece? Strangely not anyone of the actors but writer David Mamet does. The dialog in the movie is simply brilliant and make me consider this a 'verbal-action-movie'. Also the characters he created are really solid. Not one is a real 'good guy' and he shows that there is a dark side in everyone of us.

I'm a big Al Pacino fan so he easily is my favorite character in the movie but maybe even better acting in this movie is Jack Lemmon. A character that also deserves more credit than it's getting is Ed Harris as Dave Moss. Big surprise in the movie is Kevin Spacey who at the time was a fairly unknown screen actor. Letting him play a big part in a cast filled with some well known names at the time seemed like a big gamble but Spacey reminds us constantly in every scene why he was cast. Alec Baldwin shows up in a unforgettable small role, as the biggest *peep* of them all.

You have to be a fan of-and in the right mood to fully appreciate this character movie. Also watch this movie with your head clear, since it is not always easy to follow because of the very much and fast dialog and the fairly high pace of the movie.


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