(Review originally written at 8 November 2005)

"Ghost Ship" is an average horror flick that desperately tries hard to be clever. It makes the story highly unlikely, even for an horror movie, and full of odd moments that are left unexplained. The plot twist towards the ending is lame and unnecessary. The same goes for the last sequences, that was just, well..odd. They tried to create a surprise ending but instead it was weird and perhaps even laughable.

This movie is a waste of a great cast. Julianna Margulies shows that she can also be a good leading lady in movies and Gabriel Byrne is always excellent but he simply is too good for a role and movie like this one. He seemed out of place. The movie also features Karl Urban before he got real fame for playing in the final two Lord of the Rings movies.

The movie is good looking and has some nice looking effects and sets. The movie might be a bit too dark to watch at times but it still has an overall good and professional look. The movie doesn't look like a B-movie but the story makes this movie nothing more than this.

With it's opening the movie begins really promising. It was one of the better movie openings I had seen in a while to be honest. After that the movie becomes more and more uninteresting and little happens on the screen. The movie doesn't has much scares for an horror movie and lacks some truly original moments. The movie does feature some good moments such as the earlier mentioned opening sequences and the flashback sequence towards the ending of the movie that was very well constructed. It makes "Ghost Ship" a watchable movie but fans of the horror genre will find little joy or originality in this movie.

A movie that's watchable for just once maybe.


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