(Review originally written at 21 November 2006)

Definitely not the best silent Laurel & Hardy comedy short but like all Laurel & Hardy movies; it's all very enjoyable to watch.

The premise of the movie is simple (like it should be in a Laurel & Hardy movie) and relies on the mishaps of the two boys as inexperienced and of course very clumsy waiters, at a fancy dinner party and of course things go from nuts to nuttier, as the movie progresses.
The movie does has its tiresome, usual stretched out comical moments but some original well placed and timed humor as well, that was later also 'reused' in multiple other Laurel & Hardy movies. It doesn't make this movie one of the most hilarious ones but definitely one of the most defining and typical Laurel & Hardy comedy shorts. The movie is directed by Edgar Kennedy, who as an actor also starred along side with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy together in multiple of their comedy films, before and after this movie.

In this case the movie definitely would had been a better one had it been a 'talkie' but alas, it doesn't mean that the overall end result is disappointing. This movie has plenty of entertaining slapstick humor to offer, that will surely shall please the fans.


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