(Review originally written at 3 April 2006)

First of all I can understand how someone could love this movie but I can also understand how someone could totally hate it. This movie and especially its humor is really a matter of taste more than anything else.

I wouldn't dare to call this movie a good one. In fact it's far from it. Most of the moments in the movie make absolutely no sense and there is almost absolutely no story present. Most of the humor is also very vulgar and just totally over-the-top gross and visual. But yet this movie also really made me laugh. So how could I, when being completely fair and unbiased, possible call this movie a bad one?

I think that this movie is so bad that it becomes good. The jokes in the movie really aren't that strong but because they are delivered so incredibly over-the-top and stupid, it becomes truly an hilarious movie at times. Yes, so basically the movie is so stupid that it becomes a good one.

The story is just totally weird and stupid and lacks some consistency. All of the events occurring in the movie don't really always feel connected. The comical situations are far from believable and they almost have nothing to do with the main story. In fact most of the time they are completely tasteless. Some, if not most people will probably not be able to handle this not so subtle sense of humor (also hence the low rating here). No it absolutely is not the most subtle and consistent comedy ever made.

Tom Green is totally over-the-top and crazy. He is not always funny but his character makes the crazy story somehow work. Rip Torn also shows his comical talent and he perhaps plays the best part of the movie. All of the other characters are somewhat muddled in to the crazy story.

A comedy that doesn't make any sense but because of that becomes quite hilarious to watch at times. Clearly not a movie for everyone's taste obviously though.


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