(Review originally written at 14 September 2006)

This fourth Frankenstein entry by the Hammer studios is neither the best or the worst. It has a pretty interesting and original storyline that of course at the same time is ridicules but yet always fun to watch. In the end the movie turns into a revenge flick which looks like its going to be pretty cool at first but still falls sort of flat in the end. Still the movie offers more than enough original and interesting elements to please the fans.

Problem with the movie is really that in its last halve hour or so there basically isn't a good guy/gal on screen anymore. Baron Frankenstein is no good guy, Christina is no good gal, Hans is no good guy and so are certainly not the three boys Johann, Karl and Anton. It's hard to know who to cheer or care for. It doesn't make the last half hour of the movie a very easy one to watch.

The story is well written and it provides the movie with some good tense and mysterious moments. As an horror movie this movie is effective mainly thanks to its atmosphere and original moments.

The movie features mostly some unknown actors, except for Peter Cushing of course. Once more he is in his element as Baron Frankenstein who has been brought back to life by his assistants to continue his research and experiments to bring the death back to life. This movie once more shows how great an actor Cushing was. He makes the story at least a bit more believable and adds lots of profession and credibility to the production. The rest of the unknown cast is pretty bland and doesn't make a lasting or remarkable impression. It's fun to see former '60's playmate Susan Denberg in her last movie role, before she descended into a life full of drugs and sex.

The movie is good looking, with nice sets and costumes which adds to the grimly atmosphere of the movie that makes this movie work effective as an horror. The story for most part is well written and flows well, until the last 30 minutes, which are good enough on its own but in contrast with the rest of the movie. The movie also really could had used a main hero.

It's perhaps for fans only I guess.


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