(Review originally written at 28 April 2005)

Most people assume that the Boris Karloff version was the first Frankenstein movie ever filmed. This 1910 version of the Mary Shelley novel is very rare and unknown to most people.
First of all when you watch this movie you of course shouldn't expect a good flowing story with nice acting. See this just pure for historical sake, the first ever "Frankenstein" movie is a pretty interesting experience to watch. If you interested in this old movie kind of stuff this is a must see. It has some surprisingly good elements, such as the way that the Frankenstein monster was created.

The acting of course looks pretty laughable these days. The way Augustus Phillips reacts every time after he sees the monster is almost slapstick like. Also the visual look is just horrible, it simply just looks as a filmed version of a stage play, completely with some obviously fake backgrounds.

An interesting movie to watch pure for historical reasons.


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