(Review originally written at 13 August 2006)

This is perhaps the Laurel & Hardy movie with the most silliest and random humor in it.

The movie has a silly premise and it is entirely set in the Stone Age. This movie perhaps was a sort of experiment to see how the audience would react to a Laurel & Hardy movie that was not set in the 20th century and featured some almost cartoon like humor. In my opinion it's a rather failed experience. Although the movie does entertain, it really misses the Laurel & Hardy touch. It makes this movie basically just as good (or bad) as any other '20's slapstick movie.

Although the movie is simple and silly, it certainly is no bad movie to watch. It has some real good funny moments in it, especially the scene in which the James Finlayson character gets thrown of the mountain is priceless but overall it still is a pretty simple movie that is too odd and different to please the most hardened Laurel & Hardy fans.

The comedy seems to be very random, just like is the case in animated cartoons. Probably the reason why this is the silliest Laurel & Hardy movie around. It also doesn't make the movie the most consistent Laurel & Hardy comedy short around.

To be honest the title cards were often funnier to read than it was to watch this movie. Not a really a good or common thing for a Laurel & Hardy movie.

Stan Laurel does play a pretty good and very different role. It shows his variety as an actor and he shows that he can be funny, no matter what sort of role he plays. When he enters the screen the movie becomes truly entertaining and fun to watch. It's too bad that he gets introduced rather late into the movie. The movie also features Laurel & Hardy regular James Finlayson, who doesn't play a very big or significant but still fun role. Further more the movie is mostly filled with some pretty looking young cave-women.

A very silly movie. Beware not to expect a regular early Laurel & Hardy silent comedy short.


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