(Review originally written at 20 January 2006)

This is certainly one of the better and more funnier Laurel & Hardy movies. Difference with most of the other Laurel & Hardy movies is that this movie has a solid story, even though of course the story is still filled with some delicious ridiculous moments of course.

The originality was already gone in the later Laurel & Hardy movie, like this one but still the movie succeeds in remaining consistent and does provide some hilarious sequences. Especially the ending escape sequence is absolutely priceless and memorable and truly the best part of the movie.

The backdrop for the movie is just great and works fantastic for the comical duo. They are in their element in the foreign legion and the sense of danger of the upcoming WW II is somewhat notable in the movie. Still the movie also has a pre-WW II kind of innocence over it and still features some singing and dancing sequences.

The cast is really solid. James Finlayson also shows up again, this time as the jailer. Another fine supporting role is played by Charles Middleton as the commandant.

One of the Laurel & Hardy must-see's!


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