(Review originally written at 14 February 2005)

So what is the moral of this movie? Gays are also persons? This movie is offensive towards both homosexuals and transitives and gives a totally wrong impression and message, even though I'm sure that director Joel Schumacher made this movie with his best intentions.

Really the only thing positive to say about this movie are the two main characters played by Robert De Niro and future Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman. They make most of the humor and comedy work but can't hide the movie its false message and the pointless weak main plot.

Were they really thinking that they were making a new "As Good as It Gets"? For some reason this movie often reminded me of that movie, so a little bit more originality also wouldn't had been a bad idea.

The movie was made in 1999 but really if you would had told me it had been made in 1989 I would also had believed you. It think that the story is mainly the reason for this. The predictable plot really reminds me of an average movie from the late 80's.

But no the movie is not really THAT bad. Most of the comedy is good and there are some nice fun characters to enjoy. Just ignore the totally wrong message and moral of this movie and you might even shall enjoy watching it.


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