(Review originally written at 4 December 2004)

There never has been a movie like "Fight Club" before and there never will be again.

"Fight Club" is a great movie mixture of a great story, acting and style. Movies that have all those elements are rare and often a great and one of a kind movie.

Director David Fincher's directing works effective. It gives the movie both style and substance with a lot of depth. The story makes you want to see the movie over and over again, so you can understand and discover some more things on every viewing.

Both Edward Norton and Brad Pitt do a great acting job, although I probably wouldn't have picked Pitt as a leading character. His role comes too soon after his in "Twelve Monkeys", both the movie and his character show resemblances. Meat Loaf has a fun role as Bob with the big man-breasts.

The story is way more different than you would most likely expect. When you are first watching this movie you expect it to be a fight movie with street boxing. This is not the case, "Fight Club" is a personal movie in which the main focus lies on the main character and the anti-society message much like in Kubrick's movies was the case.

Highly recommendable movie, although not a classic or masterpiece in my book.

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