(Review originally written at 30 September 2005)

This movie is nothing more than just simple plain fun. Still there isn't much story present which causes the movie to leave a bit of a pointless impression afterward. This movie is nothing memorable or anything but it still is entertaining and fun to watch, for at least once.

Perhaps the best thing about "Evolution" are the two main characters played by David Duchovny and Orlando Jones, who have a great on-screen chemistry together. It's really believable in the movie that they have been friends for years. Another thing that is great about this movie is the sharp and fun dialog.

David Duchovny really plays excellent in this movie. He was criticized a lot I remember, when this movie was just released but that had everything to do with the fact that people had a hard time seeing him playing a character different than Fox Mulder from "The X-Files". It's too bad that Julliane Moore doesn't have a big comical talent and Seann William Scott plays a bit of a perhaps needless and just pointless character.

The story really isn't about much and that is the main reason why "Evolution" doesn't quite work as a movie, at least not as a successful one. The movie is very forgettable and leaves a pointless impression afterward.

The movie is nicely looking and has some above average special effects in it. The musical score by John Powell is surprising good and perhaps a bit underrated.

A movie that is entertaining and fun to watch, at least once but no must see by any means. It's watchable but not exactly highly recommendable.


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