(Review originally written at 4 September 2006)

Saddened and shocked by the sudden passing of Steve Irwin I decided to come here and post a comment for the television show he will always be remembered for; "Crocodile Hunter".

Thing that "Crocodile Hunter" taught us the most is that Steve Irwin was one unique character, who taught us the word 'crickey', with his typical Australian accent and other crazy Australian words and expressions. In a way he made the Australian dialect popular, all over the world. He had a passion for wildlife and crocodiles in particular, no doubt. But the way he expressed his love and passion was totally over-the-top.

When nothing else was on television and I was bored, I often watched a "Crocodile Hunter" episode. When watching the show you just knew, no matter what, that you're going to be entertained by Steve's overreactions, his silly antics, his jumping around and screaming and cheering. It gave Steve just as many haters as lovers and admirers, from all over the world. It made Steve Irwin one of the most colorful and vividly unique characters on television. Well aware of his own image Steve also often made advantage of it by appearing in television commercials all over the world and eventually even made a movie "The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course" in which he more or less spoofed himself, together with his wife and colleague Terri Irwin. There never has been a character like Steve Irwin before and there will never be one again.

The show often was more entertaining than educational and more hilarious than serious. Still it provided also some good information about the Australian wildlife. It also made it still interesting to watch, next to entertaining. Fans of wildlife shows will find definitely more than enough joy in this. Steve showed us things and places you never thought you would ever see. He certainly provided us with some unique and dangerous looking television.

Steve Irwin was brave but he was just as 'crazy'. He jumped (and I mean literally jumped) crocodiles, alligators and poisonous snakes like they formed no danger at all. His obsession almost seemed sick at times, especially when he carried his kids around with him under his arm, as a football, through dangerous swamps. I always was surprised that he never got seriously attacked or bitten and injured by an animal. He really crossed the lines at times. He had so many close calls. It sort of fits him that he died in 'action', while diving off the coast of Queensland and got stunned by a stingray through his chest, while shooting a documentary. He just was not the kind of person to die in bed at old age. Nevertheless fact is that Steve Irwin of course died way too young and he leaves a wife and two young children. He could had provided so much more educational but also mostly fun hours of television for years to come. But unfortunately it wasn't meant to be so...

Thanks for all those hours of entertaining television Steve. "Crocodile Hunter" will always be a television series to watch over and over again without ever getting boring. It will probably be still aired and remain popular for years to come. A really unique show with an unique character.

R.I.P. Steve Irwin.


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