(Review originally written at 11 January 2006)

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It's three years later and who still remembers or talks about this movie? It says something about the quality of the movie that's just plain poor. The story is implausible and filled with unlikely and yet at the same time also predictable events. "The Core" is a formulaic disaster flick with all the stereotypical and predictable events and characters in it you could expect. Yes, they even managed to put a love-story into the movie!

I don't know what it is with Jon Amiel movies. I thought that his movie "Copycat" was great and is a bit of an underrated thriller but that movie also already was filled with unoriginal moments and 'borrowed' heavily from other movies. "The Core" does the same and its a terribly predictable and because of that also not so fun movie to watch. No, Mr. Amiel is not the most talented person in the business at the moment.

The concept of the movie was already ridicules and the execution of it makes the story even more implausible. The movie is filled with unlikely and unoriginal events. Of course during the 'disasters', the national monuments of the countries are the first things to be destroyed. How original. And seriously, did every character had to die in a heroic sacrificing way?

Another problem with the movie is that it doesn't have likable characters. We never really get to care about any of them and because of that also the emotional moments in the movie are flawed. Perhaps this is also due to the dialog that is just plain horrible at times. It's a waste of a great cast. Hilary Swank, Tchéky Karyo, Delroy Lindo, DJ Qualls, those are some good actors but their talent is wasted in the movie.

From a movie like this you could at least expect some great special effects but also with that the movie disappoints. The special effects are below average and they never know to convince the viewer.

I can think of no reason why anyone should ever watch this movie. Granted that it does have some entertainment value but the cheesy story and characters make this movie far from a must see.


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