(Review originally written at 5 May 2005)

The words terrible or awful are not the right words to describe this movie properly, it's just mainly a silly movie with a silly story that often doesn't make sense story-wise.

Now thing that do is absolutely terrible in this movie is the acting by the incredible B-actors. Casting Bruce Boxleitner as the president of the United States was a laughable choice. Even George W. Bush looks more believable as a powerful man.

But completely silly is the story, that is filled with some rather big implausibilities, not just from a virology point of view (hey you don't have to be a doctor to see that the events in the movie are far fetched and just highly unlikely and impossible to really happen) but also just story-wise, the movie doesn't always make completely sense which is also due to some horrible dialogs at times. And they even managed to put a love story in the movie, bravo! (Yes, that was sarcasm...)

It's pretty obvious that not a whole lot of talent was involved behind the camera's. The movie has this typical awful made-for-TV kind of look. But what else did you expect from a director like John Murlowski who before this made 'classics' like "Amityville: A New Generation", "Santa with Muscles" and "Richie Rich's Christmas Wish". (Yep, sarcasm again.)

The movie gets tense at times but all the silly elements of the movie really bring down the quality of the movie.

Absolutely not recommendable but than again why would anyone decide to go and watch this movie in the first place?


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