(Review originally written at 10 December 2005)

"Catwoman" isn't good as a superhero movie and most certainly also isn't much good as an action movie. The story and the main villains plot is beyond silly and for that reason alone this movie is already a waste of time.

But there is more wrong with this movie. First of all this movie has almost nothing to do with the Catwoman who we all knew from the Batman franchise. The makers have taken lots of liberties and changed the character and settings entirely. Why? Whatever their intention was, they failed terribly with it. The character isn't interesting and the story also doesn't make her always understandable. One time she has a sort of amnesia and she doesn't remember what happened when she Catwoman and vice versa when she was Patience Phillips and then at other points of the movie she remembers everything perfectly. It makes the movie confusing at times and the main character a totally unbelievable one.

Disappointing was also the main villain(s) who are perhaps always the most important element of a superhero movie. Like I mentioned before, the villain(s) intention were totally lame and not likely, even by comic-book-movie standards.

The movie features some at times horrible (and pointless) CGI-effects. Also the action sequences weren't much good, this is due to the absolutely horrible and just totally wrong action editing.

Quite honestly, Halle Berry isn't horrible as Patience Phillips although she isn't great as Catwoman. Please give the Razzie's to really bad actors and not to good actors who play in bad movies. Her Catwoman costume was however quite ridicules to look at. Does she has no self respect as an actress? There are some other good and well known actors in this movie but the script doesn't provide them with anything good or interesting to do on screen.

Yes, the movie does have some entertainment value but the silly story and the way it is told make this movie nothing more than a poor superhero movie wannabe.


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