(Review originally written at 19 October 2006)

Especially considering the movie its concept and premise, I can't help to regard this movie as a disappointing one, even though it's still an above average genre movie from the Hammer studio.

The movie and its main character might sound cool at first sight but fact is that "Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter" isn't exactly a very terribly exciting movie, aside from some good old fashioned sword fights. Not that much happens in this movie or with its main character. In potential Captain Kronos was a cool sort of action hero but unfortunately the story doesn't give him much interesting to do. The movie at times also focuses too much on the different characters in the movie with as a result that the story strains away too much from the main character which is also one of the reasons why the main character doesn't work out well enough. Beside the main character the movie also had some interesting other characters with potential but really not one of them works out well enough to consider them interesting or likable enough.

The movie however is not your average vampire flick, with blood sucking counts who live in dark castles. The movie chooses an original story instead and features some refreshingly original vampires in it. It at the same time also makes the story and movie as a whole a refreshing one that is definitely worthy seeing for the fans of the genre. The movie picks some interesting angles on the vampire legends, which does provide the movie with a couple of memorable sequences.

Out of all the Hammer studio movies this is perhaps the movie with the least 'Hammer-look'. No kitsch looking sets and props here but mostly a movie that was shot outside. It makes this movie certainly different from the other Hammer movies but at the same time that very special little Hammer touch is missing here, although the light and simple Hammer-fun is still present in the movie,

The story doesn't always flow well and the movie features some at time too long moments in which nothing good or interesting happens. The movie also isn't always entirely logic, which does make the movie and it's story perhaps a bit hard to follow at certain moments.

It's one of those movies with many flaws but that is yet perfectly good and fun enough to watch.

Its originality and a couple of good sequences are reason enough to watch this movie and consider it to be an above average one but perhaps one for the fans only. I'm glad however 'Captain Kronos' didn't turned into a series of movies, like was originally planned.


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