(Review originally written at 13 March 2005)

The storytelling in this movie is great. The movie has some extremely good editing which make the pace of this movie quite high and some of the sequence's truly exciting. The cinematography is what make this also a visual masterpiece. This movie truly is a milestone in movie making.

For a silent movie, there really is some good character development. It really was something that surprised me. Also the acting was very well. In American and German movies from the same time period, the actors were terribly overacting with exaggerated body gestures. The performance's in "Bronenosets Potyomkin" all feel way more natural. Because of this all the emotions feel very real and you can actually feel for the characters.

The movie is filled with some truly exciting scene's. Some of the action was extremely well done and there were some very tense moments. The Odessa Staircase sequence's of course is a real classic and for a good reason. It really is one of the best executed and most powerful sequence's in movie history.

Only small point of critique is that the movie drags on for too long at certain points. Some of the sequence's are simply too long.

All in all a literal and figural revolutionary movie that simply is a must see.


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