(Review originally written at 25 March 2005)

With all respect but why should we care about a lying little young criminal? That was the biggest problem I had with this movie, I could not care for the main character. Therefor the movie wasn't as powerful to me as people made me believe it would be.

Yet "Boys Don't Cry" is a good watchable movie thanks to a very believable Hilary Swank. Even though we get to see her fully nude (don't hold your breath fan boys, her nude scene's are most definitely not erotic.), you would still belief it if it was said she was a real boy. Still I think that Chloƫ Sevigny performance was surprisingly even better.

What the character's relationship's with each other are was completely unclear to me. Who's who's brother sister, father, husband, mother or friend is completely unclear to me which made the movie hard to follow for me at times. OK, I should admit that I was a bit tired while watching this movie (Had worked very hard this week), so maybe things will be clearer to me when watching this movie again.

Fact remains that the story is not told in the best way. Even though the movie is based on a true story, the ending still comes out of the blue and it isn't really clear 'why' the things at the ending happened.

Still the love story in the movie works, as well as the movie it's message; Dare to be yourself. It's just that all of it isn't as powerful as it could had been.

Still perfectly recommendable for Swank and Sevigny's performance's.


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