(Review originally written at 2 October 2004)

You can agree with him or not but you'll have to admit that this documentary is well made.

It's funny, all the people that hate and don't agree with this documentary and Michael Moore are still all debating and discussing with the people that do agree with certain points brought up in this documentary. So in a way this documentary serves its purpose to start up a debate worldwide, not just here or on the Internet in general but also in 'real life'. Therefor you can justly call "Bowling for Columbine" truly a successful documentary.

I knew that America had an high firearm kill rate (but quite frankly I never ever wondered why) but it really surprised me that it was so incredibly much higher than in other countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom. This documentary explains why it in America is so much higher than in other countries, or at least it tries to...

No, "Bowling for Columbine" is not always completely fair and some of the points brought up are not convincing enough. Also at times it contradicts itself, for instance Micheal Moore brings up the point that movies and TV shows are not to blame for the violence because the same movies and TV shows are also showed in other countries were the kill rates aren't as near as high. But yet moments later Michael Moore blames the TV show "Cops" for discriminating and stir up hate against Hispanic and Afro-American people in America. An huge contradiction if you ask me...

But than again, the documentary has some strong moments and good and interesting points. It's also wonderful to see how much Michael Moore achieves in this documentary, such as the fact that they stop selling bullets at Walmart because Moore walks in with some kids that were seriously injured by bullets sold at Walmart. It by the way really shocked me and seemed amazing by me that they sold bullets at a store such as the Walmart that literally is at every corner of every town. But the thing that tops everything is the final interview with NRA President Charlton Heston, it was really 'wow' for me.

Unlike other documentaries, this one isn't ever boring mainly because it also contains lot's of humor and is very straight to the point and contains some good interviews and points. More than enough stuff to make you think...


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