(Review originally written at 2 September 2006)

The beginning of this movie already gives away how the rest of the movie is. In the beginning the movie tries to be style-full and surprising but it instead is simple and predictable, as is the rest of the movie. The movie is filled with countless predictable and foremost improbable moments. The movie tries to distinct itself from other genre movies but in the end this movie is nothing more than a below average thriller that is watchable but most certainly no must-see.

The movie mainly tries to be different mostly through its characters. It's nice to see that this time the lead is a strong independent female, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. They try to give her a strong and emotional involving personality but most sequences in which they try to achieve this don't really work out, with also as a result that the movie is filled with some too long and unnecessary sequences. It also tries to be different with its villain and it takes a more emotional and realistic approach, rather than a 'simple psychopathic non-explaining' approach of the villain. Also problem here is that this mostly doesn't work out. Not really the actor or character's fault but more of the story and directing-style, that provides the movie with some completely ridicules and unlikely moments. Because of this the most emotional and realistic things don't work out in the movie, which causes this movie to be a rather failed one, as a thriller.

I still sort of appreciate and like it that this movie takes a different approach and tries to be original. It still distinct this movie from most other genre movies. However something went terribly wrong during the process of making this movie. Instead of original and surprising the movie is predictable and simple, despite its original approach of the story. The movie is too simply put together by Kathryn Bigelow and the movie too often takes the simple and easy road, which is the main reason why the movie mostly is predictable as well as unlikely.

Really the worst thing about this movie is that its filled with some amazingly bad and unlikely sequences. It makes the story even more ridicules and improbable. Once again the movie makes the police look like narrow-minded persons who can't seem to arrest a chimp and only thrust on their own instincts, rather than facts. It all adds up to the fact that this movie its story is unlikely as well as perhaps a bit ridicules. Especially the way Eugene Hunt (Ron Silver) and Megan Turner (Jamie Lee Curtis) keep finding each other gets highly unlikely and ridicules after a while. Especially the ending is disappointingly ridicules and far from satisfying.

The acting all around is quite solid. Jamie Lee Curtis plays a fine strong character and Ron Silver is a good enough actor. Not really convincing enough as a psychopath but a fine performance nevertheless. Clancy Brown is also good, although he always has been a better voice-actor. It was also fun to see Tom Sizemore in an early and small role, already acting crazy as always. Also small roles are there for Matt Craven, Richard Jenkins and Kevin Dunn, among others.

The style of the movie is quite disappointing. It tries desperately at moments to be almost artistic like. This doesn't always work out and instead are mostly too distracting and in contrast with the rest of the movie and story, that is quite simple. The weird and simple Brad Fiedel musical score also doesn't add much good to the movie its style and atmosphere. Also this movie isn't the best example of character treatment. It doesn't always lay the right emphasis.

Only still sort of watchable for the most hardened thriller-fan, that wants to see something different. Just don't expect too much of it all.


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