(Review originally written at 9 June 2005)

*** This review may contain spoilers ***
Even though this movie is far from the best Dracula movie and it doesn't live long on in memory, it still is a perfectly watchable movie to watch.

Main and perhaps only reason why this movie is perfectly good to watch, is the portrayal of Udo Kier as Count Dracula. He doesn't portray Dracula really as a scary character but more as a tragic and vulnerable villain. I like his approach of the classic character. Also both his accent and looks are just simply perfect for the role.

The story however is a bit dragging and doesn't really seem to go anywhere. The characters also aren't really much good and I couldn't tell the 3 daughters apart because they looked too much like each other! Oh and Joe Dallessandro is an horrible actor, amazing thing that he managed to play parts in movies ever since. Funny thing is that Arno Juerging once again plays Udo Kier's servant, the same sort of role he played in "Flesh for Frankenstein".

The movie is not really scary or gory, except for ending, what a gruesome death for Dracula that was!

Yes it's watchable but not a must see Dracula movie by any means, not even for the fans.


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