(Review originally written at 29 May 2004)

Blazing Saddles" is a classic comedy, though it is not Brooks his best.

Like many other comedies, the movie has hits and misses. There are some incredible good and funny moments but also some very lame one's but all of that is just a matter of opinion. Most people will have more than a few laughs while watching this movie.

There are some totally hilarious characters played by some good actors such as Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Slim Pickens and Harvey Korman. The main part is played by an unknown but talented Cleavon Little who died in 1992. The role in this movie was the only one he ever really received fame for.

The story is totally crazy and hilarious and makes this movie better than most of the other comedies. The ending is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen, it involves a couple of fighting cowboys, gay dancers and even Hitler, I say no more...Yes, the movie has at times some unusual humor but that's what makes the movie classic, special and not easy to forget.

There isn't really much to complain about this movie. Only thing might be that Gene Wilder's character is introduced a bit too late in the movie for my taste and that I would have liked the movie to be longer but those aren't really complains, are they?

A truly classic comedy and still one of the best.


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