(Review originally written at 1 October 2005)

The concept for "The Blair Witch Project" is a great and original one. The hand-held, amateur, documentary, camera-work must give the viewers a realistic view of the events and tend to make the viewer believe that all of this really happened. It makes "The Blair Witch Project" an highly original one of a kind movie. Never again will there be a movie like this one.

Most of the time the movie has a good realistic feeling and atmosphere. At times you really have the feeling that you're really present in the woods, together with the three main characters. Most of the lines and moments are obviously improvised however when scripted moments and lines occur, it becomes painfully obvious that none of the three main actors are good actors by any means. It takes away lots of the realism and because of that the good original concept is flawed. It's also flawed because it is highly unbelievable that the three main characters kept filming that much and even at the moments when they were in peril and scared.

I do applaud this movie for its originality but it simply was not as good as I expected and hoped it would be. To be honest I was even bored at times while watching this movie and it takes a lot to make me bored while watching a movie. It simply took forever at times for something to happen. And quite frankly, I wasn't scared once while watching this.

Worth seeing maybe once, due to its originality.


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