(Review originally written at 22 March 2005)

Yet another fairytale from one of my personal favorite directors. Tim Burton's typical atmosphere and characters make this movie an unique one.

Still I can't help it to be somewhat disappointed. The movie was not quite what I had expected and hoped for. Judging from the trailer I seriously thought this could be my favorite movie of all time, it had all the right ingredients to become so. Maybe I expected a bit too much of an "Forrest Gump" in fantasy land.

But really, "Big Fish" still is a treat of a movie. The visual look of it is typically Tim Burton style and I absolutely love it. There also was some wonderful humor present which make this movie mainly fun and entertaining to watch even though there also is enough room for some drama.

Thing I really missed in this movie was the presence of Johnny Depp. Burton + Depp is always fireworks and I really think that it could have lifted the movie even more, not that Ewan McGregor is a bad actor of course. Oh well, at least we still get to see Danny DeVito's naked behind instead...Albert Finney really was excellent in this and Billy Crudup also was surprising good.

The characters are probably what makes this movie work. The fairytale like characters and storyline's are truly stimulating for the fantasy.

I'm really surprised with the high rating it receives here, not that it doesn't deserve so but because I felt that not everybody would be able to connect and relate with the weird and unusual visual style and story of the movie. Guess I was wrong and I'm glad so! Apparently "Big Fish" is perfectly watchable for a wide range of people


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