(Review originally written at 12 July 2006)

The premise of this movie is very good. Laurel & Hardy are trying to sell Christmas trees in sunny California. Of course nobody wants to buy any. One of their costumers is being played by James Finlayson, with who they get into a serious brawl.

Basically the movie only has one big joke; The two boys totally wrecking Finlayson's house, while he totally wrecks the boys their car and Christmas trees. It's sort of fun to watch, mainly thanks to the acting and of the chemistry the three of them have on the screen. But it's not really a movie that made me laugh constantly. Sure of course I laughed and the movie had its moments of greatness but it overall wasn't really surprising enough to make this for me a memorable Laurel & Hardy comedy short.

Call me old fashioned but I prefer a Laurel & Hardy short with more slapstick humor in it, rather than just constantly wrecking and throwing things.


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