(Review originally written at 17 April 2005)

This isn't just the best of "The Hire" series of shorts, it also is one of the best and certainly most fun movies that I have seen in a while!

I think I had a smile on my face throughout the entire movie. It was incredible fun and had some great dialog and hilarious moments. Especially the ending with Marilyn Manson was extremely funny.

I really love Tony Scott now, after seeing this short. I already liked his recent visual style and the way of editing in his movie but this really has got to be his best visual work, I love it! It's very cool and comparable to the style in his movies "Spy Game" and "Man on Fire". I'm actually excited in seeing his next movie "Domino" now, before seeing this movie I didn't had really that much interest in seeing it.

Man, Gary Oldman plays one crazy ugly devil! I'm a big fan of Oldman and I absolutely loved him in this. Next to "True Romance" (also directed by Tony Scott by the way), this is my favorite role of his. Other parts are played by James Brown who extremely funny plays himself and the always very cool Danny Trejo.

Extremely fun and likable to watch!


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