(Review originally written at 7 April 2006)

This is far from being the best Laurel & Hardy short, even though it surely does have its moments.

It's a bit of a disappointing entry, in the long series of Laurel & Hardy shorts. There is almost absolutely no story present and the movie relies too much on funny sounds and too many long comical sequences. I mean watching a couple of minutes how Olie tries to get his boots on and off gets a bit tiresome after a while.

Still I don't rate this movie poorly, since I was still more than amused by it all. Especially Stan's stupidity never seizes to amuse. There also are a couple of moments in the movie that makes it definitely worth watching. Of course the timing is perfect and the chemistry between the two boys is amazing to watch. They really feel each other and make some of the sequences work better than scripted. They even make the predictable moments in the movie work- and funny.

To some it might be a disappointment but the movie has got more than enough entertainment in it, to make it a movie that's well worth to watch.


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